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    Web Analytics Service

    Nowadays the most popular service in the market is web analytics service. However, most of the people are not conscious of this service. Web analytics is the service that is nothing but an application or agency that performs data collection, and then lets you view and analyze the information.

    All companies do not provide this web analytics service there are only a few which provide this service and we are one of them. At Digital Marketing Technique we offer best web analytics measurement data to analyse your work performance.

    The web analytics service is very important for any website as it will create a better user experience for website visitors. The key point of web analytics service is to understand customer behavior to optimizing a website. So web analytics is the best service that you need to increase your traffic on the website.

    As a top digital marketing agency, we ensure that a brand’s digital strategy is integrated into its overall business strategy.
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    How web analytics work

    Most analytics gear ‘tag’ their net pages via inserting a snippet of JavaScript in the web page’s code.

    Using this tag, the analytics device counts whenever the web page receives a vacationer or a click on a hyperlink. The tag can also accumulate different records like device, browser, and geographic place (through IP deal with).

    Web analytics services can also use cookies to tune character periods and to determine repeat visits from the identical browser.

    Since some users delete cookies, and browsers have diverse restrictions round code snippets, no analytics platform can claim complete accuracy in their statistics and unique equipment once in a while produce slightly distinct effects.

    The following are some services which come under web analytics service that is listed below

    Visitors Data

    The audience data will include the following points which will be provided to you.

    • How many visits you receive How many numbers of unique visitor
    • How many new vs. returning visitor ratio
    • What browser or the device they are on (desktop vs. mobile)
    • From which country visitor is

    Visitors Behavior

    • What are common landing pages
    • What are the common exit page
    • What are frequently visited pages
    • What is the length of time spent per visit
    • What is the number of pages per visit
    • What is the bounce rate

    Campaign Data

    • Which campaigns inspired the most traffic on the internet
    • Which websites included the most traffic on the internet
    • Which keyword searches resulted in a visit on the internet
    • Campaign medium breakdown, such as email vs. social media

    These all services are provided by our team to get your business on ranking. Our expert team has the best members on the team which will help you with web analytics service.

    We use the following tools for web analytics services to give you the best service in the market.

    • Google Analytics
    • Piwik
    • Kissmetrics
    • Mixpanel
    • Parse.ly
    • CrazyEgg
    • Clicktale
    • Adobe Analytics

    By using these tools our experts provide service to you. We assure you that you will give you the best web analytics services and will never give you the chance to complain. So for what you are waiting for just get in touch with us and book your service now. We will provide you the best service ever.

    Our clients describe us as one of the most trustworthy digital marketing firms they’ve ever worked with.
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